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Seven Secrets for a Stress-Free Weekend.

Ok, it might not be completely stress free. Children anticipate the weekend much differently than we as parents do. Translation: Freeeeedom!

Don't quote us on this as there is no one size fits all, but give these activities a go and see if they might tack on both some morable family moments.


Clues, clues, clues

Set up a scavenger hunt or, if your child can read switch to a treasure or scavenger hunt. Hide the clues around the house and instruct your children that they may not come to you for hep. It may take some time, but you'll soon find that your children will rise to the challenge (and reward) of finding things for themselves!

2. Easy Baking

You don't have to cringe at the notion of helping your child cook. Start easy like warm chocolate milk, rice cereal, Royal D "juice". If you feel like rolling up your sleeves with your child, try out one of our DK Schoolhouse recipes listed below

3. Lights, Camera, Action

Take roll play to a whole new level. Your child probably plays with their collection of make believe items on a routine school day, so why not try rummaging through your belongings to jazz up the dress up box.

Some ideas are:

Playing Doctor/Dentist

Grab some of dads button down white shirts, a few (CLEAN) empty first-aid bottles, a mask, dangling earphones taped on to an old CD and let your child come up with the rest of the creativity along with their friends or, stuffed teddy bears.

Fashion Show:

Grab your old costume jewelry, funny hats, flapper dresses, butterfly ties, vintage hair ties and hair clips. Want to make it more exciting? Grab your camera and film the family night fashion show

4. Make Home Rules

Just like the signs your child encounters around class, have them compile and create a set of house rules. This is a double ended way to remind children the importance of looking outside themselves along with keeping us parents aware of how we interact around those young, impressionable minds.

5. Declare A No Mess Craft Day

Believe it or not, crafting doesn't always involve glitter bombs or Elmer's glue. Try creating something that leaves minimal mess like sketching, chalk art, paper stained glass, crayon rubbing and stained glass windows.

6. Get Started with that wishlist.

Before your child starts dreaming of next Christmas (raise your hand if this has never happened to you) teach them the value of giving back. You can use this simple, printable coupon book as a start!

7. Card Factory Station

If many of you missed sending out holiday cards last Christmas, well there's no time like the present! Don't wait for a birthday, or special occasion. Share love, the secret acts of kindness to demonstrate to your children how giving backs feels far better than getting.

Leah Soldner

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