• Leah Soldner

Back To School Transition Tips

4 All visitors, parents, students and staff with be required to undergo a temperature and and sanitation process prior to entering school premises.

The minute you’ve (finally) gotten your child to get the hang of Distance Learning, set up your daily routine and successfully mastered simultaneously working and homeschooling, all of a sudden: Boom. You get a notice from your school that classes are starting up again.

Hurray! Right?

As exciting as the news may be for both you and your child, it’s still a colossal change. For the better part of 2020 children have been socially distanced at an age where interpersonal interaction is crucial for character development.

In a recent survey published by Times Magazine, TikTok was found to have surpassed two billion downloads in 2020 and is currently the leading site for entertainment, as well as the ‘ticket’ to social media fame. Other sites like Instagram, Youtube and Netflix have similarly curated their sites for optimum online experience, adding a host of free functions for use.

Ask your kindergartner the age-old question of “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and you’ll find “Firefighter” has now been replaced with “Facebook Star”,

So that leads us back to the question: How are we planning to transition our children back to society? Education Ministries around the Globe have been implementing their own policies and regulations for learning.

Are you ready for your DK Distance Learner to return to school?

Our classes are open from Monday, January 11th with the return of students as we have previously done. Please have look at the following information regarding school reopening procedures.

1. Students from the Kindergarten 2 will be returning to study at Campus A, located at No. 7, St. 466.

2. Students should continue to bring their own towels, water bottles and basic class materials.

3. All staff and students must wear a mask while on school premises.

4 All visitors, parents, students and staff with be required to undergo a temperature and and sanitization process prior to entering school premises.

Note: If any. adults or children who exhibit fever or flu like symptoms will, as a precautionary measure, be requested to self-quarantine for a period of time.

After school clubs will soon be returning to normal, and parents being informed accordingly.

Read on to find our top 10 tips on how to successfully ease your child back into socializing and reintegrating into their school community.


1. Develop a game plan together.

Review the daily rules of school and class procedures. Talk about what your child may be feeling, and how excited you are for them to go back to school. You can even make a game out of it and pick some fun goals to accomplish in the first week like:

A) Make it a special event. Have your child wear their DK Schoolhouse shirt every day for one whole week.

B) Say hello to someone different every day, or invite them to play.

C) Practice a song or dance that they’ve been learning in Zoom classes.