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Are You Feeling The Season?

It's been a long day. Let's face it, a long year plus of social isolation and virtual communication.

With the impact Covid 19 has had on our lives, there's been a shift in how people react to one another. We have a safer society but stilted social connect. The long period of social distancing poses the dangers of increasing social rejection, the feeling of isolation and loss of sense of community.

It's basic human instinct to seek out the company of others and children, perceptive as they are, take their cues simply from the interaction they observe from others around them.

The ones most effected by the lack of contact and communication has of course been children. Children react to visual cues, and when unable to read or see the visual response on a persons face they miss out on a key element of cognitive development: empathy, concern and compassion for others.

"You have the power to make life true and beautiful ."

One easy way to begin re-establishing that connection is to find ways to help other people.

There are so many ways you can make this happen! Check out our list below of some ways you and your child can help make a difference in someone's life today.

Look Outside Yourself

It's been scientifically proven that the best way to get those happiness endorphins going is by looking outside oneself. The saying "kindness is contagious" is not only true but necessary and a way that children can learn the value of empathy and care for those around them.

Start with simple acts like


Demonstrate compassion. Children learn much more from what they see then what they hear, so use that to your advantage!

Look for opportunities to show your child how important it is to display care and concern for those around them. See someone who needs a friend? Be one! See a classmate who's left out at recess? Offer to be their buddy.


A wise man once said "You have the power to make life true and beautiful, to turn hate and greed into love and compassion. To remove national barriers and show humanity that love wins over hate, cruelty and greed." Words spoken several decades ago rang true then, and even more so now.

Pay it forward. For every terrible bit of news you hear, say something positive. For every loss you've experienced, make it up by giving someone a better day and a reason to keep on smiling.

If you're feeling a little "Grinchy" this year why not try to give someone else a good Christmas. Warm your heart by making a child smile. Deck the halls by giving back. Feel jolly by being THANKFUL for what you and your family have. Make the season bright by making someone else's eyes sparkle.

And maybe, just maybe, you'll find that a little bit of that joy you've been spreading coming back to you.

You're The Magic Of Christmas Day

Here's to the ones that have suffered a loss, experienced a tragedy, witnessed an unspeakable act of cruelty.

Here's to all the ones who've been hurt, who are homesick, grieving, or who feel like there's no reason to keep on trying.

Here's to the millions of beating hearts around the world, the people in exactly the same boat as you are;

You are loved, you are special and you matter. You make the world a better place by being you so smile.

The world always lights up when you do.

From: Anyone

To: Everyone

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