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5 Ways To Transition Your Child Back to in-person learning

So you're ready and waiting for your child to jump back into school. FINALLY, right? You'd think that So, you’re ready for your child to get back to school. FINALLY, right? You’d think the news would have your child jumping for joy and yourself breathing a sigh of relief that at last, some semblance of normalcy can return to your household.

After all, for the first time in years, the usual indications of back to school like message from the teacher, signs and posts from school, class orientations and preparation for the New School Year have remained, well, frozen in time for some time.

Since the 18 months that Covid-19 has changed the world of communication as we know it, the more knowledge, data and research tools we have now come a long way in helping us know how to keep our students safe, and transition as smoothly and safely as possible back to school. Below we offer 4 steps for easing your child back into real-life school.


For those of you who were spared the overuse of American metaphors #sorryallamericans (wink) that boils down to: “Being Flexible.”

Protocols that may be announced by your school at the start of the year (as many have experienced first-hand) may change at a whim according to the current climate and state of affairs. With a flexible attitude, parents can help their child build resiliency that will help pave the way for a smooth transition into a new school year.



Having conversations is key. Having organic, candid conversations with you children will help them know they are not alone. If your child is shy, or unaccustomed to sharing their feelings, keep in mind surrounding circumstances. Your child may not feel comfortable discussing their fears or concerns about school around anyone they don’t feel 100% comfortable with.

Help remind your child that although we don’t have all the answers, there may dedicate doctors, scientist, and researchers hard at work to stop the speak of Covid 19.

Note: Keep in mind the overexpose your child may already be experiencing from their perception of how things may appear on the outside work, and what they are being exposed to with the media.

“Our Tiny Humans have lived a parallel life for 18 months. Let’s give them real life back.” – AU

3. Reopening means a new start. DK schoolhouse was one of the first to immediately implant and execute an online learning platform that has since been modified and expanded to adapt to all age levels. But for many families, the pandemic has caused concerning gaps in our student’s concentration and general social skills.


DK Schoolhouse is offering remedial classes commencing October that is target towards students who are having difficulty keeping up with or understanding the task at hand.

If you’re stuck on how to strike up a conversation that doesn’t inadvertently turn into an interrogation, try these 5 conversation starters below.

Separation Anxiety x 5

We all know about the first few of school and how it takes time for your child to adjust to separating from their primary caregiver. Young children, especially, have a difficult time adapting to new people, especially when their online contact has been via a screen monitor for so many months.


Our Solution: Go slow, be patient and continue to reassure your child that these feelings won’t last forever.
Work Closely with your child’s teacher to make sure your child feels comfortable and at ease with meeting their teacher (and in many cases new class teacher) in real life for the first time.

Primary aged students who are sensitive or easily worried or those who have developmental delays, may need extra one on one time to help them to adjust. It’s much easier for your child to become accustomed to class if they have spent some time together with their parents and Homework teacher in advance.

Our Solution:

Develop strategies to help your child build emotional resiliency and learn to distinguish fact from hearsay.


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