• Leah Soldner

"So, Like, Confusing."

It's been quite the welcome back! Let's face it, despite the first days and weeks of school have been filled with excitement with it has come the anticipated reluctance to attend, separation axiety, relaxed attitude towards learning and in many cases: confusion.

We're here to help break down the barriers that may have come up during your child's initial return to school.

If your Little Learner is at home, don't worry! We've got plenty of free resources available for distance learning suplaments.

Your child is undergoing a tremendous amount of sensory overload, and it's important to keep this in mind and (great news!) take a breath and not worry too much if your child failing to display the behavior your practiced or hoped for.

Putting ourselves in the place of these young learners for a moment will surprise you.

So much of a child's social and character building skills rely on their ability to interact with adults and their peers, understand the meaning of cause and effect via visual and tactile interaction.

The need to re-establish that connection in a socially distanced environment is essential, especially as young learners, (children classified between 2-4 years) have missed out on this developmental factor and have, instead, become accustomed to a lack of touch, which leads to a lack of connect.

Children, and their unique ability to withstand far more than an adult could face, are more than capable of adjusting to society, forging connections that may have been short-cut along the way, and developing a healthy and well adjusted attitude to society.

Brain building activities are a terrific way to help your child get back into the swing of school routine, whether or not they are attending in-person classes.

Even if your child stays at home, make it a point to keep up routine, and begin preparing for school as though they were actually going.

This means getting dressed, setting aside a study space, completing breakfast in a timely fashion, settling down and focusing on class.

You can find a list of some of the brain break activities we use here.

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