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R is For Routine

R is For Routine

Yes, we keep talking about it, and with good reason. In a world of extra chaos and uncertainty, establishing normalcy, helps you get things done, and provides your child with a sense of security. Children often fear or mistrust the unknown – whether it’s the broccoli on their plate – or a big life change like moving to a different house or gaining a new sibling.

While change is a learning opportunity, it can also be stressful for children. A normal routine brings comfort and consistency to a child’s life.

Here are three useful tips to help you get the routine roller skates moving!

It helps them get on schedule

Consistent routine will help your child and their “body clocks” with many day-to-day basics such as: Ability to take naps and sleep well at night Ability to eat healthy, full meals Regular bowel movements Healthy play and outdoor time Calm, relaxed behaviour at “down times” during the day For example, because your child and their body know it’s time to sleep, they are more easily able to wind down and rest.

It Helps Bond The Family Together

When a child knows what to expect and notices regular family activities, they begin to understand what’s important. This strengthens shared values, beliefs and interests. The child, for example, might notice that eating breakfast together on Saturday mornings is important. They can see that family time together is special. Even if your child is young, they will pick up on these traditions.

The family bonds together by doing regular, important things together.


From brushing teeth regularly to completing homework every afternoon, routines help establish constructive habits. Children who practice these skills will be able to better manage their time. As they age, they’ll have more self-discipline in terms of healthy grooming and eating habits, along with studying and cleaning their rooms and of course, learning to respect the thoughts and feelings of those around them.

Why not try?

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