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Medication & Children: Is More Really Better?

Children's bodies metabolize and react to drugs very differently than adult bodies do. Age is not always the best indicator for medication dosages. That's why we have a strict "NO MEDICINE" policy at DK Schoolhouse. DK staff are not allowed to administer medication sent from home. While our staff are fully CPR certified and our medical cabinet is kept stocked and up-to date-, only DK administration is allowed to administer medicine under extreme circumstances and with consent from parents. For example, if your child is running a high fever and a parent/guardian isn't able to get there in time.


  • Children & pregnant women are the most vulnerable to harm from poorly prescribed medicine and Over-The-Counter drugs. (OTC's.)

  • If the label does not give specific instructions on the amount to administer to children, never guess. Consult a qualified pediatrician. Administering an over-dose of medication to a child could prove fatal.

  • Children's medication generally comes in liquid form for easy administration. DO NOT crush up adult medication to administer to children. This can cause serious risk of permanent liver damage and toxic shock.

  • Never administer adult medication to children unless specifically advised by an internationally qualified doctor.

  • DK Schoolhouse works closely with parents to ensure that children needing to take medication are receiving the correct dosage prescribed by a certified physician.


Pharmacie De La Gare

#81Eo, Preah Monivong Blvd.

UCare Pharmacy

>Over 8 outlets located around Phnom Penh

Orienda Polyclinic

#9A St. 466

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