• Leah Soldner


There's a reason the term "Cabin Fever" was coined since the onset of Covid 19. After nearly two years of social distancing, economic crisis, distance learning and a complete shift to the world as we new it, no wonder the coffee mugs are piling up, your kids (and you?) are bouncing off the walls and tension is at an all time high.



It sounds much easier than it is to put into practice but in a world where we're bombarded with negativity, crisis and problems, laughter can often be the best medicine.

"Learning to laugh at yourself takes some of the pressure off, and it will allow you to be more authentic and vulnerable (both of which are desirable character traits). Here are two ways learn how to laugh at yourself:
Give yourself and your kids permission to be silly. At the right moment, being silly is a plus.
Look for the funny side of things. When you’re upset over something, ask yourself: “How is this situation funny”? Humor is a great way to deal with adversity and can even turn a negative into a positive."



One of the most simple activities you can make for (and/or with) your child to keep them away from the screen is a busy box. With a little prep work, you can captivate your young children and keep them playing independently while you relax, make dinner, answer your emails or tackle that growing To-Do list.

Depending on the age of your child, you can have them get involved in creating their own busy box. Think about items like scrapbooks, coin collecting, journals, legos, art materials and more.

They may not be thrilled with the idea at first but stick with the plan and watch it catch on. Replace "I'm bored." With "I'm going to find something to do."



If you're like most parents, the time you get to spend with your children seems rare. What better way to make use of current restrictions then by getting to know each other as a family?

Start by:

  1. Instituting a meal time rule. It's also the perfect time to teach table manners! Get accustomed to talking at the dinner table or, better yet, institute a no-phone zone during meal times. If it seems awkward at first, these prompts are a perfect way to ease yourself in.