• Leah Soldner


"Moommmm, my screen is frozen!" echoes from somewhere in the living room

We know your child is at home, and we know they may be bored and #you may be running out of things to do with them as a parent. We understand how hard it can be to both keep your child occupied and carry on with work at the same time. Enter DK Schoolhouse to the rescue! Since the onset of Covid 19 Lockdown and restrictions, DK Schoolhouse has remained one of the front runners in providing curated learning materials as well as access to loads of #freeresources . Did you stumble across something you think might be useful to another parent, teacher or caregiver? Pass it on.

Hacking Homeschooling

Oh yes, we know how overwhelming it can be when faced with the task of being your families primary provider as well as educator extraordinaire. It's an incredibly daunting task and one that parents around the world have taken up out of necessity.

Today's 5 hacks are:


Do a quick search on Pinterest to find a host of different online learning templates that, if for some reason your child can't connect with their teacher on Zoom, you can fill in the blanks with structured, daily activities.

Stay Focused

There's a reason children are known for their...hmm...selective memories. Ever wonder how a hushed whisper of the word "Ice cream" can be heard from the next room, while you reminding your child to "Turn off the lights" when standing right next to them falls on deaf ears?

Ah, the joy of childhood selective hearing.

It's difficult, if not impossible for your child to focus on tasks they find tedious when there's a constant stream of external distractions.

When your child is having a hard time focusing, try to keep them close by. Let them know that you believe in their ability to complete the task at hand, and that you can't wait to see the results. Then, try as best as possible to let your child focus their attention on what's in front of them.


If your child (and you) are caught in an endless cycle of Zoom blues, try and break out of routine and try a a few simple games and activities designed to help your child wake up, shake up and get back in the learning game.

For younger children, Roll Play is always a treat. You can play 10 minutes of roll reversal where your child gets to play teacher, pick a career and find props around the house to try on, or make a seasonal craft, just like this easy leaf rubbing activity template.