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4 Ways You Can Boost Your Child's "Back 2 School" Moral

It's the end of the school year and for most children at any other year leading up to 2020 this would have meant in class activities, excitement building up as graduation day approaches, the anticipation of class end of year parties.

If your child is feeling a bit 'blah' about it all this year, we understand.

" Can we please just, stop thinking about all this Covid stuff for a bit?" -- DK student, Age 6

Feeling frustrated by the lack of motivation felt around home? Try noting down the recurring events that cause chaos and see what can be done to minimize them.

We recommend:

Creating a learning space. Even if it's just a portion of your home office desk or the end of the dining room table, having a designated space for learning helps keep your child differentiate the concept of "Being at home" and "Studying from home".

"And what if I'm never at home?" You might be asking. That's where the quote

"It Takes A Village to Raise a Child" Never rang more true. Try as best you can to ensure those looking after your children are on the same page and follow the learning guidelines you've set in place.

2. Be A Part Of The Virtual Classroom

Stay connected with what's going on in school and work with your child to achieve their goals. Has your child excelled recently in a certain subject? Tried a new learning tool?

Completed a class assignment they've been struggling with? Celebrate the wins together! If they're proud of a certain piece of work they've completed or a picture they've drawn, find a space in the house to display their virtual learning portfolio.

3. Establish The Boundaries. Easier said than done, but the leap between pretend play and reality isn't that much when it comes to young children and distance learning. (Have you noticed a change in behavior or reluctance to follow directions your child would have previously never balked at?) Try using this pretend play to your advantage. It gives a break to the daily 'grind' and helps your child develop important life skills.

Have laundry to fold? Make it a game and have your child help sort piles. Cleaning up? Set a timer and see how fast your child can tidy up a certain area.

Dishes to wash? Ask your child to help count and sort the cups and plates, and so on. You'd be surprised how many important habits you can instill in your child by making the act a game.

As your child gets older, it might be worth having a sit down and discussing the responsibilities there are at home. Make a chore list (Ah yes, everyone loves those) and have them help divvy up responsibilities between household members.

4. Hit Pause. Everyone needs a break now and then. Especially children who've been primarily indoors for the past two years. If your child is in regular Zoom class, make sure they're using each recess period as a time to move and get active. You can tape a simple indoor exercise list near your child's workstation to remind them. We like this list of The Very Best Warm-Up Exercises.

Use every opportunity you can to have your child connect their virtual learning with the real world. Ask your child's teacher for additional follow up activities to conduct outside the Zoom Rooms, or work with the interests you can see your child expressing.

Angkor Wat Pattern 3
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Angkor Wat Pattern 2
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Are they fond of science? Have them conduct a weekly science experiment to share with their class. Enjoy math? Challenge them with fun story problems, play Suduko or take them with you on your next grocery trip to help add up the items, total up the value and learn about cost comparison.

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun -- Albert Einstein

Ultimately it comes down to finding out what works for your family and tweaking the home-learning experience to best suit your child.

One thing you can be certain of --- We're as focused on that as you!

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